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Your competent partner in cases company software

Our experienced team works daily with enthusiasm to offer you the perfect solution.

As a software company with over 20 years of experience, we use the digital change as an opportunity and stand for a sustainable use of innovative technologies.

The basis of long-term cooperation with our customers is to use our expertise and know-how to ensure a success-oriented workflow. Together with our customers and partners, we are already taking the step towards digitalization and Industry 4.0.

With our solutions we ensure your competitiveness and support you as a digital company to always be one step ahead of your competitors. To achieve this, we rely on absolute reliability, flexibility and consistency.

Through the close cooperation with our Cooperation partners we ensure a high level of performance in the scope of these technologies and can provide our customers with first-class support and innovative ideas.

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Wir sind DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 zertifiziert

Die Anforderungen für den Geltungsbereich „Beratung, Entwicklung und Schulung im Bereich von Softwareprodukten und -Dienstleistungen" sind durch unser Unternehmen erfüllt.

We make a point of...

Together success

Usability of the software

Quality and sustainability

We can provide that...

ERP and merchandise management systems

Groupware systems

Reliability and professional advice

Equitania Software GmbH with headquarters in Pforzheim belongs to cmc Group under the umbrella of a holding company, CMC Beratungs- und Verwaltungs- GmbH based in Frankenthal / Palatinate and is one of seven independent companies.

The high equity capitalization and profitability guarantee constant innovation and investment as well as independence from banks or other capital providers. This also provides the funds for Equitania Software GmbH to provide and further develop the required high-performance, high-quality IT infrastructure as an internal service provider for the group.

In recent years, the focus has been on the development of innovative products and services that also lead to a considerable increase in efficiency within the cmc group. We also offer these products and services to customers outside the group.

Managing Director of Equitania Software GmbH

Geschäftsführer der Equitania Software GmbH - Hannes Bischoff

Martin Schmid

Geschäftsführer der Equitania Software GmbH - Hannes Bischoff

Hannes Bischoff

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