ownERP - OpenSource ERP-System as rental model

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Rental models and ERP cloud solutions are increasingly coming into focus. Not to mention the investment costs.

Based on the "Best Practice" of MyOdoo, we initially put together three different packages that are adapted to the needs of the users. There is a suitable package for every requirement: Package Service Provider, Package Webshop and the package Production, which is the largest and most comprehensive package. Each package contains a different combination of Equitania modules.

ownERP is based on MyOdoo, which in turn is derived from Odoo, an OpenSource ERP system. But not only - we integrate common Open Source DMS solutions like NextCloud or OwnCloud, Elastic Search or offer connections to Microsoft Office 365.

We have adapted our modules and further developments especially for the German-speaking market. These are constantly being developed and optimised on a project-driven basis. ownERP is made available to you as a service in a German computer centre.

We offer all Packages with user scales of 5 users (basic), 10 users, 15 users and 20 users

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With the Software as a Service model we can offer you an ERP system for your business processes at manageable monthly costs:

•Operation in a German computer centre

• Depending on the selected package we provide you with our modules

• Includes automatic backup and updates

• German-speaking support - to get you started you will receive our beginner's book free of charge

• No complex setup - start immediately

• Change to a larger package is possible at any time, as is user up- or downgrading

And if the packages are too limited for you or you want a higher investment security, you can always contact MyOdoo wechseln und Ihre Daten mitnehmen. Die Open Source Lösungen bieten Ihnen alles, was Sie für Ihr Unternehmen brauchen.

Or do you just want to create a website?

This is also possible with ownERP: We have put together an optimized website package with the functions for your personal homepage. In doing so, ownERP works with a basic theme that you can easily adapt to your corporate design with many colour and font options. The website also has various options for search engine and privacy settings.

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Hosting in a data center in Germany

Our hosting partner guarantees you a hosting in a data center within Germany.

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Software - Made in Germany 

Service, quality and future, certified by the Federal Association for IT Medium-Sized Enterprises for the product ownERP. Our modules for ownERP are designed, developed and supported in Germany.

Certificate - Software made in Germany 

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Software - Hosted in Germany

The Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (Federal Association of IT Medium-Sized Enterprises) has awarded the software ownERP and issued a certificate for Software Hosted in Germany. Our managed servers are operated exclusively in German data centers.

Certificate - Software Hosted in Germany 

We will be pleased to advise you in order to find your suitable solution.

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